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Author: ACSS Communications Created: 11/13/2008 5:13 PM
Keeping members current with the latest news about ACSS and state excluded employees.

I just found out I've been transferred to another office. This happened after my new boss and I had a disagreement over my work performance. She says the transfer has nothing to do with the disagreement, but I've never had any other issues and suspect she just might be trying to get rid of me. This transfer would be difficult on me and my family. Do I have any options?

Continue reading to learn more about your rights in the face of an involuntary transfer.

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As part of his continuing commitment to pay down California's massive "Wall of Debt," Governor Brown convened a special session of the Legislature to address the state's Rainy Day Fund.

The governor is asking legislators to revise a ballot measure that would divert additional funding to the Rainy Day account and would increase restrictions on how the funding can be used. The measure would require the funds to predominantly be used for natural emergencies, such as wildfires. Brown is urging California's elected officials to consider the use of funds to used to respond to fiscal emergencies as well.

Continue reading for more information on how Governor Brown plans to continue tearing down the Wall of Debt.

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The California Primary Election is June 3, 2014 - less than 2 months away.

Your ACSS Legislative Committee and Board of Directors has been carefully interviewing and evaluating dozens of candidates from around the state to help present a guide to the candidates who are most likely to meet our needs as state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

We've listed all of our endorsed candidates in one convenient location, sorted by geographical area. We'll continue to update the list through the Primary and General Elections as we endorse more candidates.

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Keep an eye on your mailbox for the newest edition of ACSS Quarterly, featuring our coverage of the California Democratic and Republican conventions and notes on Lobby Day 2014.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through last quarter's issue on our news page.

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Mary* called ACSS' Membership Department yesterday in a panic:

"I never thought in a million years anything like this would happen to me. I'm a good employee with an outstanding service record."

Mary cancelled her ACSS membership two years ago. Like so many hardworking state supervisors and managers, Mary thought that if she just did her job well she would never run into any issues. Why stay a member if she would never make waves?

And then the notice of adverse action landed on her desk. A 45-day suspension. A timesheet issue with one of her staff.

Continue reading for more information on Mary's case and the ACSS legal team.

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CalHR has advised state agencies to consider implementing alternative work schedules for their employees to avoid complications from the "large highway reconstruction project" that will impact Highway 50 beginning April 22, 2014.

Continue reading for additional information on the proposed scheduling alternatives and the Fix 50 project.

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CalHR has released a PML detailing a Buy-Back program that allows eligible state excluded employees to get paid for unused leave credits as early as May 1, 2014.

Continue reading for more details on eligible leave, employees, and departments.

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AD 40 Candidate Marc Steinorth (left), ACSS Legislative Committee Chair Richard Synder, ACSS VP of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino, Assemblymember Scott Wilk, and ACSS VP of Membership Development Todd D'Braunstein

As the 2014 primary election draws closer, ACSS leaders have stepped up their review of assembly and senate candidates to find the best potential advocates for state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

Read more about how ACSS leaders are working to improve your career and compensation and how you can help.

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ACSS' 14th annual Lobby Day was a great success.

With a record turnout, the stage was set to continue our goal of resolving salary compaction once and for all.

Thanks to the efforts of state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees just like you, our elected officials are finally addressing this inexcusable issue - our staff making more than us - that has plagued us for so long.

Thanks to your hard work - and the dillgence of ACSS leaders who have met and discussed the issue with Gov. Brown and his administration for the past few years - there is an historical line item in the governor's revised budget that attempts to resolve salary compaction for the first time.

ACSS' model of improving your career works because we give you the tools to get in front of your elected officials and hold them accountable.

Click the photo above to see a slideshow of the day's events, and mark your calendars for next year's annual lobbying event on March 11, 2015.

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ACSS Vice President of Governmental Affairs Frank Ruffino sat down with Governor Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Brown to discuss salary compaction and the governor's future plans for California.

For the first time, the governor's budget includes earmarked funds - $98.6 million - to begin rectifying the long standing issue of salary compaction.

Ruffino called the historic funds "a positive first step" and called on Gov. Brown to continue his dedication to end the harmful practice of paying supervisors and managers less than their staff.

"I'm encouraged that you've started changing the culture in the Capitol toward supervisors and managers," said Ruffino.

"There's no rush, Governor," joked Ruffino, "we've only been dealing with this issue for about 14 years."

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100+ supervisors, managers, and confidential from around the state gathered at our 2014 Lobby Day Training & Kickoff to learn the ins and outs of sitting down with their elected officials and to network with their peers.

We've prepared a slideshow of the event for your enjoyment. If you'd like to save any of the pictures, simply click the camera icon in the top left of the slideshow when it's on the photo you'd like and you'll be able to download the picture.

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As expected, a Sacramento Superior Court judge adopted a tentative ruling on Friday shutting down San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's frivolous lawsuit against Attorney General Kamala Harris. Reed then formally announced that he was withdrawing his Constitution-altering pension attack, from which several of his fellow mayors had already distanced themselves.

Though the California Constitution establishes the Attorney General as the sole person responsible for preparing ballot intitiative titles and summaries, Mayor Reed's attorney - Jim Sutton - argued that the court should instruct the Attorney General to change the wording of her official summary.

Sutton stated that Mayor Reed and his campaign favored the word "remove" instead of the word "eliminate" in the first sentence of Harris' summary.

When pressed by Judge Allen Sumner, Sutton admitted that he was unable to find precedent for the court intervening in the ballot initiative summary process.

Mayor Reed's camp also argued that the public was "unlikely to understand" what pensions are.

Judge Sumner closed the proceedings by officially adopting his tentatve ruling, stating that "just because the word 'remove' polls better" he could not justify the court "injecting itself" into ballot language.

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In his address at the 2014 Lobby Day kickoff, Assembly Speaker John A. Perez discussed his intentions toward public employee retirement benefits as the state's next controller.

With regard to pension security, the Speaker stated "We are at a critical moment as a state, and quite frankly as a nation."

"I want to fight to keep the promise of a defined benefit pension."

Click on the video above to see a 10 minute excerpt from the Speaker's address.

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EDIT: This post has been updated to reflect that Mayor Reed's attorneys argued the case at a hearing on Friday.

It appears the saga of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's pension attack is drawing to a close.

Reed et al fired off a hasty lawsuit in February against Attorney General Kamala Harris, claiming her summary of their constitution-altering ballot initiative was "false" and "misleading" and calling on the Sacramento County Superior Court to force Harris to alter the wording.

A tentative ruling from the Sacramento County Superior Court released on Thursday, March 13th, appears to have ended the argument by denying Reed's petition to force Harris to change her summary.

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In its report on the Governor's proposed 2014-15 budget, the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) calls on the Brown Administration to take additional action to resolve the salary compaction crisis plaguing state supervisors, managers, and confidential employees.

The report notes that there has not been a "consistent or coordinated process" to analyze the extent of the issue.

Furthermore, the LAO notes that though the proposed budget attempts to fix the problem for identified classifications the Administration "would need to review managerial and supervisorial classifications and propose pay increases for affected managerial state workers beyond what is proposed in the 2014-15 budget."

ACSS has been working extensively for the past few years with CalHR and the legislature to end salary compaction.

Senate Bill 216 - sponsored by ACSS - had unanimous support through the Senate in 2013 and is currently pending review by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Our bill would maintain the State's recommended 10% pay differential between supervisors and managers and their staff, and would establish a consistent process to analyze and identify current and emerging compaction issues.

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